Friday, April 20, 2007

Virginia Tech Tragedy

I had to at least write a quick post because the whole thing just rocked my world. This was such a senseless, violent tragedy that I can't seem to shake it. I'm the kind of girl who can barely bring herself to kill a bug that's bothering her, let alone hurt another human. All those young lives...I mean, damn I just graduated college in 2005. I still feel young as anything, and those that died were younger than me!

I just can't comprehend what it is like inside the mind of someone who can so easily take a human life. My prayers have been going out nonstop to the students, families, friends, everyone involved in the thing. Even to the killer himself (though admittedly, at first I was angry that he killed himself, thinking he got off too easy). Now that a few days have passed, I think I just feel really, really sad for him. I just can't imagine the emotional and mental pain he had to be dealing with for it to result in the needless killing of over 30 people.

I will continue to pray for those involved and start thinking about other things I can do to hopefully help out.

On a slightly lighter side - I was kind of surprised that the dude turned out to be Asian - kind like the whole DC sniper thing, I TOTALLY thought it was some gun crazy white dude. Being a white girl myself, I guess I have some interesting stereotypes about my own ethnicity. Oh well.

I bet I wasn't the ONLY one who thought both those tragedies the result of an over-zealous white pro-gun lobbyist.

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Chris Cherubin said...

Unfortunately Ash, the reason there are so many pro-gun guys like myself is because you can't always predict who's going to "snap". And you can't rely on the police to protect.

Each individual has the responsibility to protect themselves and those around them. I wear that responsibility proudly.

I join you in the mourning and the prayer, and the hope that this sort of thing never happens again.