Monday, April 30, 2007

Movin' on Up in Google SERPs!

Ok, I have the theme song to the Jeffersons' stuck in my head. BUT THAT'S OKAY! Why? Because is movin' on up for the keyword real estate leads (shameless plug, sorry) and I am just too excited about it!

I've been working on our ranking in Google for "real estate leads" for about 2 weeks or so and finally we made some (big) headway! When I started with this, we showed up on page 2 - usually somewhere between #15-20. Where are we now? FIRST PAGE BABY! And averaging about #7 or so to boot! Of course this handy Google Watch tool lets me search Google's datacenters to see see where we're popping up all over. So far we're staying strong from #6-#8.

I'm just so darned proud. So how did I do it?

Good question. Unfortunately, I've done several things with that keyword, and with SEO, sometimes it can be hard to pinpoint the one thing you did to get you higher up in SERPs (and sometimes, it's not any ONE thing). In this case, I think it was the articles I wrote dealing with real estate leads. They have useful content for website but more importantly, contain really great information for any real estate agent who wants to be successful. To get them noticed I sent them to quite a few article directories (linking back to GMHV's real estate leads page of course) and *poof*, lots of back links from relatively trusted sources.

I've also been spending time on real estate blogs and forums. And no, I'm not just posting to get my link in there - I only respond to posts with what I think is very useful information for the reader. What's my reward? Working in a link back to GMHV's real estate leads page of course!

I think mostly though, it's the article thing. Pumping out useful articles not only builds content on our site, but gives me the excuse to get my writing and our link out there to tons of directories.

Now I know some SEOs may not like those tactics, but shoot, they work for me. But I'm constantly searching for new angles to get GMHV links and work up up on SERPs, so feel free to leave any suggestions you may have.

**Quick side note - I did a Google search this morning and we came up #7, did it now, we're #9. Grrr. I'll have to see where we're at tonight from home**

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